We publish Books for Children

At CALDEV, one of our major activities is the publication of books that can help Children develop the right qualities that they need in this constantly changing world.

In 2017, we unveiled two books related to children, authored by the President of the Children of Africa Leadership and Values Development Initiative (CALDEV), Hon. Bamidele Salam. These books are:

  1. Leaders of our Dreams (Vol. 1) – This is a book that outlines the qualities of a good leader. The content is presented in a manner that children no matter the age can easily understand and digest. With this book, our target is to build a new generation of children who are self-aware and are willing to take leadership responsibility. We believe that these young leaders will carry the Nigerian dream responsibly and build a nation that we all can be proud of.
  2. Mummy Knows the Answer (Vol. 1) – This book seeks to answer the nagging questions that young mothers often have in the course of nurturing their children. We believe that if mothers have the right information, raising responsible children will not be difficult.

On October 2nd 2019, the organization will be unveiling Volumes 2 and 3 of ‘Leaders of Our Dreams’ at the grand finale of the National Children Leadership Ideas Contest (N-CLIC) holding in Abuja.

These efforts at putting vital information in books for children is our systemic way of influencing children to be positively active players within their respective societies. The lessons they learn from the books and our mentoring programmes will help them on their journey of leadership and good citizenship.